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Wholesale Toyota air condition condenser

Тема в разделе "Коммерческие объявления", создана пользователем momu332, 7 янв 2019.

  1. momu332


    7 янв 2019
    Guangzhou Kinga Auto Parts Industry Manufacture Co., Ltd.
    Year Of Establishment: Aug 27,2004
    Register Capital: 1.34 million USD
    Number Of Employees: 275
    Floor Space: 86,000 square meters
    Construction Area: 50,000 square meters
    Products: Radiators & condensers
    Certifications: ISO/TS 16949:2009
    6 national patented technology certificates
    Export Percentage: >91%
    Units Produced (previous year): 720000 pieces
    R & D Capacity: OEM, own brand (VVO)
    In 1993,KINGA enterprise was established and began radiator business.
    In 1997,General Manager, Mr. Liu HongKun Has Been Elected As A Member Of The Committee Of CPPCC Of Tianhe District, Guangzhou City.
    In 2001,Guangdong KINGA Inverstment Corporation Achieved The ISO 9001:2000 Certification
    In 2004, Mr.Liu Hongkun Was Elected As A Member Of the 19th Executive Committee Of Guangdong Federation Of Industry And Commerce.
    In 2009, Mr.Liu Hongkun was Elected As Chairman Of Guangdong Auto Parts Accessories Association (gapaa) agagin.
    In 2011,GUANGZHOU KINGA AUTOPARTS INDUSTRY MANUFACTURER CO.LTD got the TS16949 Certificate Of Registration.
    From 2012 to present day, Kinga own 12 patents and 3 intellectual properties, while 2 new invention applications have been accepted.
    In 2013, We researched and developed the “AE Project“ which is an improvement of Vehicle Engine Cooling System Device and help energy saving and environmental protection. It was successfully assembled and has been used in the car.
    In 2013, GUANGZHOU KINGA AUTOPARTS INDUSTRY MANUFACTURER CO.LTD registered the “VVO” and “FDFD” trademark in domestic. In the same year, they are successfully registered as international trademark ,"FDFD" trademark, was protected by 3 countries (USA, Germany and Japan).
    In 2014, GUANGZHOU KINGA AUTOPARTS INDUSTRY MANUFACTURER CO.LTD was awarded as“the Best Brand in Auto Parts Industry of Guangdong Province ” and“the Most Influential Auto Parts Manufacturer of Guangdong Province”.
    In 2015, GUANGZHOU KINGA AUTOPARTS INDUSTRY MANUFACTURER CO.LTD was awarded as“Guangzhou R & D Institutions Construction Enterprises”by Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee.
    In 2016, our “High frequency welding aluminum alloy pipe production line”was successfully put into trail production.
    In 2016, GUANGZHOU KINGA AUTOPARTS INDUSTRY MANUFACTURER CO.LTD was awarded as “National High Technical Enterprise“ by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province.Wholesale Toyota air condition condenser
    website:Brazed Radiator, Condenser, Tank Manufacturers - Wholesale Products - KINGA

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