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Gabage collector suppliers

Тема в разделе "Коммерческие объявления", создана пользователем momu332, 7 янв 2019.

  1. momu332


    7 янв 2019
    9CBM airconditional diesel Euro 5 96KW new garbage bin side loader garbage tuck
    Project name Unit QTH5070ZZZA
    Boundary dimension [L×W×H] mm 5945x2255x2650
    Chassis model EQ1070SJ5BDF
    Engine model YC4FA115-50
    Engineer power kw 85
    Cab configuration Air conditioner
    Maximum vehicle speed km/h 110
    Compartment Volume m3 8
    Wheelbase mm 3308
    Max. gross mass kg 7360
    Project name Unit QTH5071ZZZA
    Boundary dimension [L×W×H] mm 5145x2115x2385
    Chassis model HFC1070P93K1C3ZV
    Engine model HFC4DF1-2D2
    Engineer power kw 86
    Cab configuration Air conditioner
    Maximum vehicle speed km/h 90
    Carriage effective volume m3 4
    Volume of precompressor m3 8
    Wheelbase mm 2800
    Max. gross mass kg 7360
    Project name Unit QTH5072ZZZA
    Boundary dimension [L×W×H] mm 5985x2220x2590
    Chassis model EQ1070SJ7BDF
    Engine model YC4FA115-50
    Engineer power kw 85
    Cab configuration Warm wind
    Maximum vehicle speed km/h 99
    Carriage effective volume m3 8
    Wheelbase mm 3308
    Max. gross mass kg 7360
    Project name Unit QTH5074ZZZ
    Boundary dimension [L×W×H] mm 6160x2020x2590
    Chassis model DFA1070SJ12N5
    Engine model CY4102-N5D
    Engineer power kw 84
    Cab configuration Warm wind
    Maximum vehicle speed km/h 95
    Carriage effective volume m3 9
    Wheelbase mm 3308
    Max. gross mass kg 7300
    →Product Introduction The truck integrates the design advantages of all garbage trucks across the country and perfects the design flaws and disadvantages of original garbage truck. It has passed the demonstration and test of environmental sanitation professionals in society. It has reached the international advanced level, and its technical performance index and product quality take the leading position in China.
    3.Performance Characteristics
    1. It adopts the manual control mode together with high-quality multi-way valve, with simple operation as well as safe and reliable performance.
    2. In order to reduce the leakage of sewage, there is leakage-proof device in the rear of the large box.
    3. It uses the safe and reliable lifting device, ensuring the absolute personal safety of operators, and it selects the high-quality hydraulic hose and withhold-hose connector of professional company, guaranteeing the seal reliability and durability of the hydraulic system.
    4. Hydraulic oil tank with double filtering guarantees the cleanliness of hydraulic oil and prolongs the service life of hydraulic components.
    5. It adopts the way of lifting and self-dumping for the dumping of garbage. The vehicle is suitable for small and medium-sized towns, state IV emission. It has low fuel consumption, high efficiency and environmental protection, and easy maintenance.
    5.Company introduction
    Qingdao Allite Auto Technic Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, integrates research and development, production, sales and services, and takes special vehicles and vehicles for environmental sanitation as the leading products. The company has 50.5 million Yuan of registered capital, more than 300 existing staff including nearly 50 professional and technical personnel, and has won more than 30 national patents. R&D Center set up by the company in 2010 is identified as the enterprise technology center of Qingdao. Products under the research and development of the company include more than 100 kinds of products of 9 series - refuse compression collector series, road washer series, fecal suction truck series, road sprinkler series, detachable compartment garbage truck series, road sweeper series, hydraulic lifter garbage truck series, swing-arm refuse collector series, high-pressure sewer cleaning vehicle series, and all pass the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. The refuse compression collector won the honor of “Qingdao New High-Tech Product” in 2005.
    6.Workshop(Comparession garbage truck on process)
    7.Company Certificates
    Our company has got lot of certificates on technolgy ,desgin and research like CE certificate etc and
    has a good reputation in domastic and abroad.
    In addition to garbage compactors, we allite auto can also produce Side loader garbage truck , Detachable compartment garbage tuck , Road sprinler, road sweeper,Vacuum duct truck,Road washer etc.If you have any need on our products, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.
    Qingdao Allite Auto Technic Co.,LTD
    ADD:No.3 Allite road,Economic Development Zone,Pingdu,Qingdao,China
    Email:allite@allite-auto.comGabage collector suppliers
    website:China Garbage Turcks Factory - Garbage Trucks Suppliers and Manufacturers - ALLITE

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